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Zombie catchers is a mobile game for those interested in exciting zombie actions. You will get fun by switching yourself to roles like zombies.
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Zombie catcher is a fascinating mobile game in which when zombie’s outbreaks threaten to demolish the whole planet, the players will find themselves in crucial situations. Luckily, the players can get help from two alien friends who can give help to get rid of the zombie crisis; only we offer them to do business on the islands.

So if you want to recognize more about Zombie catcher’s mod apk, keep reading the informative article.

Features of zombie catcher mod apk

The features of the zombie catcher’s mod apk are beautiful in every aspect, so let’s dive into the game’s features.

Zombie catcher cheats and hacks

In the game zombie catcher, the layer catches the Zombie by using different tools and weapons to convert them into juice, as it is an action game between two men and a dog. With the help of Zombie, catcher mod, apk hack download, and zombie catcher cheat apk, you can squeeze everything you want.

How to cheat in zombie catchers

To cheat in the zombie catcher for free unlimited money and plutonium, the initial step is to type your username and give the amount of plutonium and money you want to use in your game. Before getting according to your needs, you have to verify that you are a human. After this step, all the needed resources and limitations will be stored in your game to upgrade the purchases according to your liking.

There is no requirement to download the app and apk file or install any shady file mod on your smartphone or device.

Zombie Catchers Mod Apk Cover

Upgrade the Zombie’s squeezers

If you want to upgrade your zombie squeezers, you have to spend more coins on Zombie catcher’s mod apk unlimited plutonium and money download. Following this procedure, you can extract more juice from them for use in the long run, giving you more profit.

So to upgrade secondary weapons, you can use and earn your plutonium to meet the zombie capture quotas. Place this hard currency in the secondary weapon upgrades, as you will not be wrong by putting more nets in your weapon.

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Zombie catcher’s mod apk for IOS

Your objective in the zombie catcher mod apk for iOS is to make the juice by squeezing zombies and baiting them with the help of brains and catching them to get the coins and plutonium. So if you need to play a game on your mobile or smartphone, you should g to the date and set the time. In this way, to complete the game go to the back of the game, you can play the game again when the juice is done.

Discover locations

The Zombie catcher’s mod apk download is a great way to visit excellent hideouts and locations in the game, as some particular species are hidden in these locations. The player can quickly discover various territories and locations and search for the specific zombies to capture. The player gets into the game to capture the special zombies and alter them into tasty food and juice, as special zombies can only produce unique desserts and juices.

You can get help from drones by dispatching them to different locations to find more zombies. There are several ways to create fascinating snacks and desserts by catching zombies.

Upgrade guns

The player needs to upgrade the traps and guns in this game because the special zombies are pretty fast and intelligent. If your weapons and grades are not upgraded, the zombies can escape from you in less time than seconds to catch them. So if you want to get a higher rank in the league, you have to develop and sharpen your skills.

Playing offline

The most vital befit of the zombie catchers is that you can play this game even if you’re offline and do not have a reliable internet connection. The game offers many limitations for fun and entertainment, which the player has to complete and get rewards like unlimited money and rewards. The game can be played on Android and is free to download on the android device.

Innovative traps and weapons

Zombie catchers come with lots of attractive and cool weapons as these tools and weapons are essential for the protection to save yourself from attacks and plates that zombies use to throw on you.

Unlocked levels

Zombie catchers’ mod apk all levels unlocked means the game features 100 different types of features with enhanced difficulty. When the player reaches the level of 30 the levels become more difficult and go to a greater extent, as because of this difficulty, most players leave the game and cannot proceed.  


Most people are fond of having desserts and drinks made from zombies as the Zombie catchers mod apk comes with fun and entertainment tasks compared to any other mobile game. The player gets the chance of catching the zombies using special tools and weapons without harming them. The innovative game has limited resources, and the player can buy anything he wants.

What's new

Hello Zombie Catchers around the world!
We have made the following changes in this update:
- Crash Fix
- New features to enhance gameplay



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