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This is an Amazing Simulation Game where you will see how life would be if you were stranded at sea. Download Survival On Raft Mod APK and get all unlocked features for free.
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You are on a plane, heading towards an exciting adventure. Suddenly, your plane starts to crash and you have less than a minute to save yourself. Eventually, you find yourself floating on the sea – the only survivor of the plan crash. You now have to do everything you can in order to survive. In this simulation game, Survival on Raft: Crafting in the Ocean, you learn how to live life alone in the ocean, which is far from easy. Download Survival on raft mod apk game from this blog and get unlocked all features for free.

Survival On Raft Mod APK

Survival  on raft: Crafting in the ocean mod apk teaches you how to survive on a raft all by yourself. There are numerous recourses and features in this game that help you accomplish this task and make it out alive. All of these features are available for free in the mod apk version of the game. Another amazing thing about it is that it is ad-free, so that you can play endlessly and smoothly.

What is Survival On Raft?

This simulation game shows you how life would be if you were stranded at sea. You must work hard to survive since you are the only one who made it out alive after a deadly plane crash. Learn how to collect useful items that will help you on your journey. Enhance your survival skills and keep yourself alive till someone finds you. Upgrade your raft, which you are heavily reliable on, and turn it into a cozy home for you to relax in.


  • After the plane crashes, you find yourself waking up on a small raft. Your task now, is to do everything in your power to survive
  • Search for food by hunting for fish. Beware of the deadly and dangerous ones as they can end your life in a second!
  • There are three stats shown on the screen – health, hunger and thirst. Do not let either of these finish up otherwise you will die and lose the game
  • Upgrade your raft by adding new parts. There are many resources and items floating in the water. Collect as many as you can and use them to help you survive
  • Learn different recipes of crafting, starting from simple ones and working your way up. Once you master this art, there is not a doubt that you will easily survive this tragedy.
  • Protect your raft from any dangers lurking nearby. This may be random sharp objects or dangerous fish in the ocean.
  • Gather weapons to protect yourself from any harm

Survival On Raft Game Features

Learn all about surviving by going through a realistic experience! In survival on raft: crafting in the ocean, you enter a world where hard-work and strategy are your best friends. Develop your living standards in your raft by upgrading it and adding new parts. Gather resources and weapons that will help you survive. This immersive and engaging gameplay will keep you hooked to the game! Keep playing to find out more about survival!

  • Survival simulator: maintain your health and quench your thirst and hunger
  • Learn how to craft: collect useful items that are important for survival
  • Gather resources that will help you
  • Upgrade your raft and turn it into a durable shelter
  • Immersive and engaging gameplay
  • Develop your living standards
  • Protect your raft from any dangers lurking in the waters
  • Use special tools and challenge your creativity

Survival On Raft Mod APK Features

In survival on raft mod apk, you have all the resources and items for free! Enhance your survival strategy and use all the resources available to last longer at the ocean. Discover new recipes for crafts to help you on your journey and upgrade your living standards in your raft. Have an increased health, hunger and thirst so that you don’t have to waste time looking for food, and are able to survive longer.

1. Unlimited Weapons & Items

Weapons and other items are the key to survival. They will help you defend yourself and your raft as well as hunt for food or other resources. In the mod apk version, they are all available for free so that all your hard work pays off.

2. Free Recipes for Crafts

Find new recipes for your crafts completely for free! Build new equipment for yourself and upgrade your raft so that you can survive for longer. In order to survive, you also need some form of entertainment. Learn how to craft new things to keep you sane and engaged while you wait for help to come.

3. Increase Your Health, Hunger & Thurst

Health, hunger and thirst are stats which remind you to take care of yourself. If these bars finish, you will die and all your hardwork for survival will be in vain. To help you last longer, Raft survival mod apk has increased health, hunger and thirst. Take advantage of this feature and learn all about raft survival while playing this game.

4. Unlimited Free Coins

All features and items are for free in survival on raft game mod apk! There are unlimited coins which you can use to buy anything that you want. They never run out, so don’t worry about overspending.

5. Protect Your Raft

Protect your raft from any harm by keeping away all dangerous creatures! Fish are your food, but also your enemy. If any danger is lurking, you can easily move your raft to a new location, or get new weapons which will help you defeat your enemy instantly.

How to Download & Install Survival On Raft Mod APK?

  • The link of the apk file is provided in our website. Click on it so that you can download it in your device
  • Choose the folder in which you would like to save this file
  • The mod apk file of survival on raft has been successfully downloaded
  • Before installing the file, you must give permission to unknown resources to install files on your phone
  • Go to settings, then to security and enable unknown resources
  • Now, open the folder where you downloaded the apk file
  • Click on the apk file and install it in your device
  • From your applications list, open the Survival on raft latest version mod apk app. It has been successfully installed and you can start playing

1. Do we have the build the raft from scratch?

You get a small raft in the beginning of the game already made for you, but it is not very durable. In order to survive for long, you must upgrade it and protect it from harm.

2. Are there any missions in this game?

The main mission is to survive. There are smaller tasks for you like crafting, gathering weapons, collecting food and others to keep the game interesting.

Final Verdict

Survival on raft mod apk is an extremely entertaining simulation game that ensures that you never get tired of playing! Other than entertainment, it is also educational as it teaches you how to survive all on your own. Make sure to download this incredible game and join in on the fun.

What's new

New version of Survival on Raft: Ocean
- speed of game is increased with new craft optimization;
- survival system updated.

Start your craft and survival adventure!


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How to install Survival On Raft Mod APK: Ocean (Unlocked Features) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Survival On Raft Mod APK: Ocean (Unlocked Features) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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