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Call of Duty, Fortnite, tomb raider, counter-strike, PUBG, and other popular shooting games come to mind when we think of the shooting game genre. Even on mobile devices, this genre of shooting games is trendy. Typically, a mouse and keyboard are required to play FPS games, but developers are discovering creative methods around this.

In that regard, let me introduce Major Mayhem, a first-person shooting game that’s a little different from the majority. The mechanics of this game are simple but challenging. Your task is to save the one you love from the hordes of evil. It is possible to have a happy ending even when the odds are stacked against you.

What is Major Mayhem Mod Apk?

Major Mayhem MOD APK is a game that lets you play as a solo agent and befriend with a gun that helps with the rescue. This game is created by [Adult Swim] games, the creator of many famous shooting games like Pocket Mortys, Robot Unicorn Attack 2, and more. This publisher’s games are always popular with a wide range of gamers.

Major Mayhem Mod Apk Cover

Key Features of Major Mayhem Mod Apk:

You’ll discover all of the game’s fascinating features here:

Simplistic and captivating game play:

Mod mayhem introduces Android users to the game’s revitalizing touch controls, which allow for much more than shooting. Besides the tap shooting features, players can also use the easy motions to bring opponents out of their hiding places and do fantastic jumps and spins. This feature will significantly improve the game’s intuitiveness and addictiveness. Not to mention how quickly you’ll become acquainted with the game, thanks to the easy tutorials.

Discover the intriguing tales with major mayhem:

Major Mayhem is on a journey to save the planet and his love through a series of fascinating adventures and obstacles that will keep you on your toes. Furthermore, here are 45 different levels of epic touch shooting that you can enjoy. The game’s increasing difficulty makes it hard for individuals who want to improve their gaming skills.

Confronting the enemies in various spots:

Besieged by legions of opponents originating from all directions, including the underground and even out of the trees. Mod mayhem will lead you to various landscapes, including deserts and densely crowded cities. In each new area, you’ll also encounter new opponents, each armed with superior equipment and weaponry. As a result, make sure you’re prepared for the challenges on your journey.

Complete the task to achieve victory:

Major Mayhem requires players to complete up to 150 mini-mission objectives to achieve an ultimate win, which would take a considerable amount of time. Nevertheless, you won’t be let down by the benefits.

The freedom to customize the avatars:

Now you can dress up your heroes in a range of different outfits and accessories in Major Mayhem. This comprises the 42 outfits in the game and a variety of extra outfits that can be tailored to suit the player’s preferences.

Get benefit from a variety of weaponry options:

This mod mayhem offers twenty different sorts of weaponry that you can attach to Major Mayhem to help our hero. Many weapons are available, including a formidable automatic shotgun, an efficient mini-gun, a quadzooka for spectacular shots, and many more. In addition, you can modify your weapons to unleash even more destructive firepower. So don’t lose out on these opportunities. You can also check and download now Oreo TV Apk from our apk website.

Visual & sound quality (Graphics):

Dynamic 3D graphics guide you through a series of dramatic shootouts in a number of locations. With the help of your formidable and devastating weapons, you’ll be able to take on your enemies, dodge their assaults, and so on. Most importantly, Major Mayhem’s low system requirements mean it will run smoothly on a wide range of Android devices.


Immerse yourself in the addicting tap-shooting gameplay with vivid sound effects, stunning music, and more. Playing the game for hours and hours will keep you engrossed in the experience.

Major mayhem mod apk unlimited money:

If you don’t want certain features, you can disable them with our customized version, and the game will be fully unlocked for you. The weapons and outfits in this game can be unlocked quickly, so why wait? The major mod apk unlimited gems let you save your love from the bad guys. The only thing you need to do is download game major mayhem mod apk. On every one of your devices, you’ll be able to play for free with unlimited money and no ads. So, don’t hold back and go for it right away.


You can utilize up to five different power-ups in challenging situations to increase your performance instantly. These can significantly boost your damage output, shooting pace, and versatility.

Major Mayhem Playing Tips:

Major Mayhem is a lengthy, disruptive game. As you move through the levels, you may realize that your existing skills are deficient. So here are some suggestions:

Get Uzi:

We recommend buying the Uzi before you start playing. You can “shoot an enemy loaded with bonus” for higher combos and payouts. After finishing levels with the Uzi in mod mayhem, you must improve and acquire advanced weaponry to defeat opponents. However, replay the first mission repeatedly using Uzi to earn more coins since the Uzi can shoot two planes in one go. This will give you more mayhem and more coins.

Achieving milestones:

Achieving milestones will get you extra coins. Finishing these missions can get you many coins. After you’ve completed them, reset them and then finish them once more to earn twice the amount of money! Because it is a rapid-fire weapon, the Uzi will undoubtedly assist you in completing some of these missions.

Different game mod:

There are additional options to play for those who get bored with the main story mode. There’s a race against time, and the goal is to finish the mission before the bomb goes off. You can play challenging missions in the arcade mode and a survival level in which you have the goal of surviving for the longest possible time.

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