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Jurassic Survival is an online adventure-action game. Stranded on a mysterious island filled with large dinosaurs, you have to hunt, collect items and build a shelter to survive hunger and cold. Get free craft, free build, Unlimited food & coins with Jurassic Survival Mod APK.
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Are you looking for an adventure game? Jurassic Survival is one of best adventure game ever.

Either unite with other online players or take all they have! Do anything to make sure you survive among numerous giant dinosaurs who are hungry as ever. No need to worry, you can tame these giant beasts, but it surely will not be an easy task. The island is full of fresh meat, fruits and water so finding food will be easy, the most important thing, however, is that you must avoid being eaten, or its game over for you. You can also check out PUBG MOD APK if you like multiplayer shooting game

What is Jurassic Survival?

Jurassic Survival is an online adventure-action game which was developed by Savage Entertainment, and later on achieved a Teen rating as it grew popular. It was originally inspired by the film Jurassic Park III and is very similar to Tomb Raider games.

In Jurassic Survival, you have to survive in an unknown island among intimidating dinosaurs that can either eat you up or be tamed. In order to survive, you must find food, collect resources, craft your own weapons and build a shelter for yourself, which must be the safest place for you to be. However, the dragons and players are not the only creatures in this game; explore the island and the dungeons to discover many surprises that await you.

What is Jurassic Survival Mod APK?

Jurassic Survival Mod APK is an exciting survival action game available online. It is free to download and very fun to play, especially if you are into dinosaurs, dragons, and other giant creatures. It has unlimited coins, free craft, free build, magic splits, unlimited food, unlimited coins, and maximum durability.

All these features, together, make Jurassic Survival pro mod apk very enjoyable and give you the best gaming experience. With high quality 3D graphics, this game allows you to try out all the available features without having to pay for them, and without having to complete certain levels to unlock them.

You can use them whenever you wish as they are free to use at all times. Jurassic Survival real mod apk has positive reviews, high ratings, and is very popular among most online gamers. King’s Raid Mod APK is also an excellent game you should try playing.

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  • Just like any other survival game, Jurassic Survival mod APK is filled with action-adventure elements such as climbing, jumping, crawling, shooting, swimming etc. The main strategy is to avoid any encounters from angry dragons, dinosaurs, and players if you are not trying to befriend them, and do your best to survive.
  • In Jurassic Survival pro mod APK, crafting is the key to success – good armor and equipment will not only help you hunt bigger and better animals, but also help you protect yourself from them.
  • When you wake up in a strange island with no memory of how you got there, you need to immediately learn how to survive instead of wasting time worrying.
  • First find yourself some food and water, then collect resources to build and expand your shelter
  • Then, look for bombs and other weapons so that you can fight for yourself if something attacks you
  • You also have to craft weapons for yourself in Jurassic Survivals real mod apk, which is the most crucial task as they will help you defeat enemies
  • Once you leave your shelter in Jurassic Survivals god mod apk, you must be ready to face all dangers that might obstruct your path. When you begin the game, you first encounter smaller dinosaurs that are easier to defeat
  • However, make sure to collect their skin as it is the only thing that will protect you in the harsh weather
  • When exploring the island in Jurassic Survival mod apk, you need to be careful not to attract the attention of any of the dangerous creatures, otherwise they will attack, and you will lose your Health and eventually die
  • When that happens, you need to start the game all over again so make sure not to make any mistakes
  • You can also tame the dragons and dinosaurs, but make sure to proceed with caution as this is no easy task
  • Jurassic Survival pro mod apk allows you to play with other online players. Befriending them or attacking them is all up to you, all you have to do is ensure your safety and survival. Be careful of the other players as well; they can steal all your resources and attack you. You may also like to play our Merge Dragons Mod APK

Jurassic Survival Game Features

Stunning graphics
Dino hunter
Tame dinosaurs
Grow your own dragon
Gifts and bonuses
Open world
Collect items
Craft weapons

Jurassic Survival Mod APK Features

High DMG
Free Craft
Free Build
Magic Splits
Instant walk on Global Map
Unlimited Food
Unlimited Coin
Max durability
Full Strength

High DMG

Cause more damage to other players and creatures in Jurassic Survival island mod apk to ensure your safety and improve your skillset. Get Infinite Moves and Coins with Wildscapes Mod APK.

Free Craft

In Jurassic Survival free craft mod APK, crafting is available for you to use from the first level only. It is made accessible for you so that you can have more weapons to hunt and protect yourself.

Free Build

Build as many shelters as you want and expand them to increase your safety in Jurassic Survival island mod apk. You will not run out of any resources or items, so build away!

Magic Split

Duplicate items in Jurassic Survival game mod apk by splitting them and save yourself the time and effort of making the same weapons and items again and again.

Instant walk on global map

Jurassic Survival mega mod apk gives you free access to the entire map right from the very beginning. You do not need to cross any levels to unlock more places, you are free to explore them at any given time.

Unlimited Food

Never run out of food in Jurassic Survival Island evolve pro mod apk and fill up your health bar occasionally. This feature helps your survival in the strange island and gives you unlimited access to food.

Unlimited Coins

Jurassic Survival ultra mod apk gives you access to unlimited coins so that you can try out all the exciting items and features of the game without worrying about running out of coins. The number of coins always increases as you spend more money, so do not hold back and make sure to use as many advanced items as you can, and defeat other players.

Max durability

Your player and resources will have infinite durability during the game of Jurassic Survival ark mod apk to give you the most fun and exciting gaming experience and keep you hooked to the game.

Full Strength

You have full strength of weapons and equipment in Jurassic Survival island dinosaurs & craft mod apk, giving you good safety and attack in case any dangers lurk nearby.

Jurassic Survival Mod APK Features



How to download Jurassic Survival Android Mod APK?

Download the Jurassic survival new update mod apk from the site
Select the folder where you want to download the apk file
Jurassic Survival latest version mod apk has been downloaded in your device

You may also want to download 8 Ball Pool Mod APK.

How to Install Jurassic Survival Android Mod APK?

Open the folder where you downloaded the mod apk file in your phone
Select the mod apk file of Jurassic Survival and install it in your device
Check in your device whether Jurassic Survival latest mod apk for Android has been installed
Open Jurassic Survival island mod apk. It has been successfully installed in your device

1. What is the genre of Jurassic Survival pro mod apk?

Jurassic Survival mod apk has various genres – action, adventure, survival and even horror. This wide range of themes is what makes this game so popular among online players and makes it a fun and exciting game with a lot of educational value as well.

2. Is the Jurassic mod apk file safe for my device?

Yes, even though the mod apk file is from an unknown source, it is safe for your device as thousands of players all over the world have downloaded it without any issues or harm to their devices.

Final Verdict

If you are into survival games, or loved watching the Jurassic Park films, Jurassic Survival mod apk is just the game for you. It is filled with missions and tasks and contains stunning 3D graphic visuals to make your gaming experience realistic. Exploring the map and collecting different items for survival is arguably the most exciting features about this game along with the addictive story adventures.

What's new

— Season 5 starts in the jungle.
— Technology of constructing pedestals with skeletons of dinosaurs, giving buffs discovered.
— Challenges on the new location Hunting Grounds are waiting for daredevils! Fight with the most dangerous dinos, complete quests and dig up valuable bones.
— New stealth armor and a powerful bow.



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How to install Jurassic Survival Mod APK for Android (Free Crafts) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Jurassic Survival Mod APK for Android (Free Crafts) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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