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Godus is a Game where you play as God of the world and create your own world & civilization. Download Godus Mod Apk and get unlimited Beliefs and unlimited gems absolutely free.
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Simulation games have always been popular. Godus Mod Apk is one of these simulation games. Basically, simulation games are video games that are closely related to real-life things. You can simulate the world in every game scenario or storyline. 

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About Godus 

The only game where you can play as a God of the world and create your own world & civilization. At the beginning of the game, you will need to create everything from scratch. As a God, your role will be to create new land for peoples, your own civilization, and peoples will become your followers because you are the God of this universe. 

After playing, you will be able to advance in technology, create and research new things again and again. 

You can live with people who’re alive and breathing, create a new civilization and society from the beginning. Importantly, You will be the virtual God of your people. As a God, You can create sculptures with the touch of a finger and help people grow older. 

This game’s mission is to build a house, let people become your followers, and increase the number of followers. At the beginning of the game, your 1st objective will be to create a civilization in more advanced ways and increase your followers as much as you can. 

Because you play as a God, you can spread the land and make it residential land for people. As a God, you will have the responsibility to take care of the people, guide them, and help them choose the right direction. 

With the game’s progression, You will see the life of God is not full of Sunshine and Rainbows. You need to prove yourself to your people. Use God’s Power to build trust in your people. 

The only way you can get the trust of people by choosing the right words and suitable actions.

Download Godus Mod APK


Thou Shelt Become God

As a God, you have the power to make your followers happy. Godus aims to convince your followers to build their civilization without worrying about war, plague, or famine. But being a God, the more options you have, the harder it is for you to overcome them. 

Moreover, the purpose of this game is to remove fear from people’s heart by becoming God. Rather, it to show them the right path and help them to move forward.

Sculpt the Island

If you want your followers to be prosperous, Create a land for them where they can live. You just need to flick the screen, Make the hills capable of climbing, and give your followers some space where they build settlements. 

Keep your followers happy

Try to keep your followers happy, help them in every way possible, and show them some miracles that will make them start believing you. On the other hand, If you fail to help them, they will turn to another God and follow them. That’s not good. 

Build a civilization

The main aim of the Godus game is to build a society in your own way. Keep an eye on them, and encourage them always to avoid bad deeds. Encourage them to do good deeds and make things easier for people. 

Godus Mod Apk Features

Unlimited Beliefs
Unlimited Gems
Free to Download
Safe and Secure
Compatible with All Android Versions
Easy to Install
Auto Sync with Game
No need to root the android device

Unlimited Belief

With Godus mod apk, you will get unlimited beliefs. Your followers have full belief in you. In a real game, you can build trust by doing something miracle for your followers. If you fail to do your followers will turn to another God.

But with Godus mod unlimited belief apk, you have unlimited beliefs, because you already have unlimited resources for your followers. You can make them happy with unlimited beliefs. 

However,  Godus aim to keep your followers happy, through this, you can increase your followers. 

Unlimited Gems

With Godus full mod apk, you will get unlimited gems. As a God, Your role is to build lands, societies where your followers can live their settlements. When you help them, they trust you and your followers also keep growing. When you have unlimited Gems, you can buy unlimited resources and build lands and societies for your followers to make them happy.  

Free to Download

No need to pay a single penny in order to download the Godus android mod apk.You need to go to the bottom of the page and click on the direct download link and download the game’s mod file. 

With this mod version, you will get unlimited resources and unlimited beliefs.

Safe & Secure

Godus apk mod is a safe and secure game. The best part is, Godus android mod apk is an anti-ban game. Your account will not ban.Feel free to use it.

We’ve designed an amazing infographic for you on Godus Mod Features. 

Godus Mod APK Features


Godus Game Features

Physically design, mine, create and manipulate your landscape as you want
Look after your followers in order to earn their beliefs
You play the role of God, So you can build lands, houses, societies and creating new environments for your followers living settlements
Keep your followers happy by doing something miraculous for them. These followers will worship you
Being God is your duty to encourage them to do good deeds. Inspire them and advise them to avoid evil things

Apart from this, It’s not such an easy task to play as a God.

When you are playing like a God of the new world, you will face many distractions because you know that you are responsible for everything as a God. 


The game begins with a boy and girl downing, and they cry out for help. You run to help them as a player. After rescuing them, you take them to a land where they will pitch their tents and make a living.

The pair will produce the next generation. The next generation process will create a new world. In fact, as God, You can rebuild your earth to your liking. 

While assisting in this rebuilding process, you need to reach out to your beliefs and fulfil them. With some of your accumulated resources, you will be able to explore and repair a ship while exploring a new world. 

You will be able to go to unknown places while travelling by ship, build houses there, and help as many people as possible. 

Ass a result, When you help more people, your followers and your worshippers will grow. As your follower growth, you will receive cards as a reward. With these cards, you will be able to increase your followers. This card will also give new skills and capacity to your followers. 

Tips for Playing Godus Mod Apk

The following are some useful tips that could help you at the beginning of the game when you’ve no idea how to play Godus game Mod Apk

Boost your workers

Workers give up when they get tired. You can boost them by touch on them and give them new courage. In this way, they will work faster, and their happiness will increase a lot, which will give them more courage.

Easy Diamonds

With the swamp card, you can easy diamonds. You need to unlock the swamp card. Set up your swamp card on the Astari elements; it will destroy them and get easy diamonds from their temples. 

Destroy Older Houses

As a God, You can destroy old houses or your entire settlements with one finger. Destroy older houses and build newer ones for your followers.

Scare the Astari

The Astari enemies can attack you, or they can attack the lands of your followers. You can discourage them by intimidating them. You can fortify your settlements with mountain rocks or water. 

Install Godus Mod Apk

Here’s a step by step guide to Download and Install Godus android Mod Apk

First and foremost, go to the bottom of the page and click on the download button to download the latest version of Godus Mod Apk free
The file will automatically be saved in your phone file storage
Secondly, Make sure to enable “unknown resources” from your mobile setting
Thirdly, go to your mobile file storage, find Godus mod apk downloaded file 
Open this file and Install it

Hurrah, Godus latest Mod Apk, is now installed on your phone.

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1. What is Godus Mod Apk?

 Godus is a game where your role is as God of the newly created world. Your followers will be your worshipers. Being a God, you have to build new houses, societies, and Create a land where your followers live their settlements.

Download Godus game Mod Apk and get unlimited Gems and unlimited beliefs.

2. Is Godus android mod Apk is safe?

Yes, Godus anti-ban Mod Apk is a safe game. Also, it is an anti-ban game. Thes best part is, You dont need to root your device. 


When you play this game, you feel yourself like a God of this newly created world. Your followers worship you, and you always try to make them happy by doing something miraculous. 

I recommend playing this game because Godus Mod Apk will give you some great lessons like how you can fulfil your responsibilities, what difficulties you face when you have responsibilities, and how you can tackle them. Download now Godus android Mod Apk and get unlimited beliefs and unlimited gems for free.

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Bug fixes.
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How to install Godus Mod Apk Free [Unlimited Belief & Unlimited Gems] APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Godus Mod Apk Free [Unlimited Belief & Unlimited Gems] APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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