Top 5 XBOX Series Games 2021 – Play Right Now

The Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X have been the largest Xbox launch in history. They are now updated with a 4K resolution instead of the previous 1080p and have incredibly fast loading speeds. There is a very long list of amazing games that can be played on these devices, so it can be hard to choose which games to try out first. But there is no need to worry because for this reason alone, we have compiled the top 5 xbox series games with their amazing features.

1. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

This famous game is loved and recommended by almost every x-box user out there. With stunning and detailed visuals, this game lets you build a kingdom in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. It has incredibly fast loading times and is quite similar to the games in the series before it. 2021 looks like a great year for this game as it is rumoured to come out with more series, so stay tuned!

Assasian's Creed Valhalla

2. Gears 5

This game is one of the most visually appealing ones out there – and it may also be classified as the best one in this category. It has a 120fps support in versus multiplayer mode to offer a faster and better gaming experience. Not only this, but it also delivers 4K graphics and stunning 60 frames per second. It was first launched in 2019, and if you have still not tried it out, you are surely missing out.

Gears 5

3. Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Part of a long-running series, this combat game is very hilarious and ridiculous but that is what makes it one of the best games to play. This RPG game has been nominated for multiple awards and is a must-try. It runs very smoothly at 60 frames per second and has incredibly fast loading times. it has also introduced new characters and exciting features which make the game better and interactive.

Yakuza Like a Dragon

4. Sea of Thieves

Play this game with your buddies and have the time of your lives! Explore the extremely beautiful landscapes and look for fames and fortunes. Running at a remarkable 4k and 60 frames per second, this game is truly among the best. It loads fast without any glitches, has frequent updates, and has new features added to it, and is perfect for the Xbox Series.

Sea of Thieves

5. Forza Horizon 4

This is one of the best racing games that have ever been made. It has a 4Kand 60 frames per second performance and has many exciting features like car shuffling, car switching and customization options. Recommended and played by many video-gamers, this incredible game receives a lot of love and definitely deserves to be in this Top 5 list.

Forza Horizon 4


These top 5 xbox series games are a must-try and deserve to be in your collection. All these games are played by thousands of video gamers online and have very high ratings for all the good reasons. We guarantee that you, too, will absolutely love these games and will have no regrets playing them.

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