Top 3 Smartphone Monitoring Apps 2021

With the development and advancement of technology, our lives are being made much easier and convenient. Now, there are smartphone monitoring apps available that keep track of your, and your loved ones’ phone activities. A smartphone monitoring app is one which is installed in another phone and can help you keep track of their GPS location and activities like call log, text messages and more. You can use them to ensure that your employees are only working when they are supposed to. They are also used by concerned parents to monitor their young children’s activities on phones and make sure that they are safe on a dangerous place like the Internet.

3 Smartphone Monitoring Apps 2021

As useful as these apps are, there are thousands of them available in the market, and some of them can also turn out to be scam or unsafe. So, to make this job easier for you, we have selected the top 3 smartphone monitoring apps in 2021 and have compiled all their amazing features for your convenience.

1. MySpy

MSpy is specifically a monitoring app for parental control. It has a remarkable performance and comes with numerous different features which make it one of the best monitoring apps. Relied on by almost 1.5 million parents all around the world, this app gives you access to the Control Panel of the phone, making it easier to track its activity. Since it works in the background, the phone user will not be able to see its icon while they are using the phone.

It gives you access to the call log of the monitored device, allowing you to monitor incoming and outgoing calls, missed calls, call duration, and other details of the caller. You can view the search history of the user and the text messages that are typed, sent, and received. You can also block certain websites or apps and monitor the GPS tracker which shows you the route that the device has taken at a certain time. Overall, MSpy is a great monitoring app for parents and is trusted by many all over the world.


2. FlexiSpy

Install this useful app on your loved one’s phone and it will operate quietly in the background, without drawing attention to itself. You have access to the call logs of the monitored device and can also record any calls that you want. Other than viewing text messages that are sent or received, you can also search for keywords to read up on a conversation.

You can monitor browsing history, emails, and the most-used apps of the monitored device. You can also remote-control the phone to take pictures of the area it is in and restart it according to your wish. This app offers 24/7 support and is a reliable, user-friendly software.


3. Spyic

Spyic is a Parental Control and Remote Monitoring App. It has an advanced supervision feature which notifies you when a SIM card is changed in the monitored device. It also allows you to find lost phones without uprooting them. It can be used to track the live location of your loved one and monitor text messages – even deleted ones.

You have access to the call log of the device and can keep a record of all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. You also have free access to the internet browsing history of the monitored device and can keep a check on your child’s safety by ensuring that they are not logging into unsafe and dangerous websites.


Final Verdict

These smartphone monitoring apps will be very useful for you as a parent, employer and loved one. You can keep track of all the activity going on in the monitored device and keep the other person safe, and in check.

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