iPhone 12 Pro Max Review – Specification & Features

iPhone 12 Pro Max Review

The iPhone 12 pro max is by far the best phone that Apple has come out with, and the biggest, too!  It is one of the top-notch phones that were released in 2020, which is one of the reasons why it has such a heavy price tag.  Upgraded in every single aspect, this best-selling high-end phone has been on the wish list of many mobile phone users all over the world.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Review & Features

With a completely new set of features, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is a massive 6.7 inches long and has a flat-edged design which makes it more visually appealing. It weighs approximately 8.3 ounces, which is why it is labelled the largest and heaviest phone that Apple has released to date. It has a Super Retina XDR display with up to 1200 nits maximum brightness. It has a ceramic glass coating to prevent scratches and is water resistant for half an hour in 5 meters of water. It is also available in four beautiful colours – pacific blue, silver, graphite, gold.

Equipped with an A14 Bionic chipset, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a remarkably high-performance rate with a 128GB storage. By incorporating 5G and MagSafe into the phone, Apple successfully made this iPhone the best of all times. A ring of magnets is placed in the phone to support wireless charging.

Any type of wireless charger can be used for the iPhone, however, to get a 15W speed, the MagSafe charger is recommended. The Apple iPhone 12 pro max also supports all bands of the 5G network – a distinct feature which is not found in most 5G phones.

5G does eat up extra battery life, so to combat this, Apple has infused the Smart Data Mode in the phone which enables it to switch from 5G to LTE depending on when the device actually needs the extra speed. This Mode is optional and can be turned off if you wish to always use a 5G network when using your phone.


The camera of the Apple iPhone is the main reason of the uproar surrounding this high-end phone. It has 3 12MP cameras – standard wide, ultra-wide and the 2.5x telephoto zoom. The ultra-wide sensor and the main shooter also have a Night Mode to capture detailed pictures even when there is not enough light.

The large design of the phone means that the sensors are bigger as well, resulting in the best photos that not every phone can take. The Smart HDR technology in the phone allows more light to be absorbed and also analyzes the scene to improve certain parts of the picture and give you a vibrant, detailed picture, leaving you in awe.


The iPhone 12 pro max has the best battery life among all iPhones. It has more capacity and the best performance ever seen in the iphone 12 series. However, the 5G takes up more batter life than other networks due to its high speed and efficiency. This phone can last you the entire day without being charged and has proven to be extremely convenient for this reason alone.

Final Verdict

Priced at $1099, this phone is the best option for you if you want a long-lasting battery and an amazing high-quality camera. If you can cover the budget, there is no reason for you to not get this phone as it has the best performance rates and is definitely an upgrade from any other phone.

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