Huawei has Introduced New Biometric Technology

Previous year was a very stressful year in which we saw a lot of difficulties regarding COVID-19, and went through a lot of unexpected situations. From which one of the main problem was unlocking your phone.

As we know because of the pandemic we all wore masks and our faces were covered, we all faced the problem which could not unlock our phone and had to struggle with it. The problem was that new devices that were launched in the previous years, they did not have fingerprint security, and as we are mostly in masks these days and it’s really difficult to unlock your phone by taking off your mask and unlocking it. The process was full of hurdles.

What was Huawei Idea In this Situation

Huawei on the other hand launched a new Dual Biometric recognition technology, know our Huawei devices can recognize us through either 3D facial recognition system or fingerprint sensing technology.

Now, fingerprint sensing is an old technology that we all know about and familiar with it really well, now we have the new in-screen fingerprint sensing technology which is a really good solution over the old round and big finger print sensor on the back of the phone. The in-screen fingerprint can recognize us without us touching the phone screen and it is an ordinary technology used in most of the borderless phone screens these days.

However, the most exciting and the biggest advantage of 3D facial recognition for security is that it captures the depth of several different parts of our face and it draws a 3d image with its image processing algorithms, and then it will compare with the recognized image saved in the particular device.

How does it Work?

The latest Huawei’s flagship devices know use the new advanced Time of Flight (TOF) facial recognition technology. It will measure the distance by transmitting a signal and measuring the time that it will take to be reflected backwards to the actual face recognition sensor. The Huawei’s ToF 3D sensor is now compact and explains the brilliance of Huawei’s latest features. It is really fascinating how Huawei has done this all just I the little space up in the notch of our devices. We are in new era of technology and Huawei is doing really great in smartphone’s world and as well as in a lot of other categories.

Now, Huawei is leading the smartphone innovations, as Huawei supports both the in-screen fingerprint sensing and 3D facial recognition for our security. Now we can say, we are even safer. The technology is being improved day by day.

Moreover, the information of our 3D facial recognition, encryption, verification and fingerprint information is now stored in an isolated Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). Our information will always stay safe inside our devices and will never be uploaded to any of the cloud servers it ensures the security of our personal information as it never leaves our phone. Huawei will always keep us safe in every situation and be there for us.

More Features from Huawei’s New Dual Recognition Technology

We can also enable app lock from which can protect our important massages and once we open the application it will immediately require your biometric verification. It also can be applied for many other applications. As we have the Huawei’s dual biometric recognition technology onboard, we don’t have to worry at all. It guarantees our information’s protection.

Moreover, now even if are wearing masks it will mostly recognize us and if doesn’t we have the new in- screen fingerprint sensing technology. Now the final verdict is that we don’t have to worry on either side because our phone is being protected with both 3D facial recognition sensor and the in-screen fingerprint sensing technology.

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