Top 5 Best Paid Android Apps 2021

As convenient and accessible as free apps are, we cannot deny that they are usually not up to standard. They do offer remarkable services and fulfil our requirements for free, but sometimes lack in certain areas, leaving you completely helpless. Paid applications win the race in this category as they have additional features that make them better than free apps. The only problem is that you never know for sure which of these premium applications are worth paying for. To help you tackle this problem and come to a decision with ease, we have compiled some of the best paid Android apps that have powerful and useful features that are totally worth spending your money on.

Best Paid Android Apps 2021

1. Bouncer

This highly convenient app allows you to temporarily grant permissions. It is pretty easy to understand how this works. If you want to, for example, take a picture or turn on your location, but do not want a specific app to have these features turned on, you can use the Bouncer app to help you. Doing this ensures that no apps are invading your privacy or threatening your security without your consent.

The permission will get removed as soon as you exit the app, so you do not have to worry about your battery being drained, or go through the trouble of disabling the permissions yourself.


  • Get the best security and ensure that your privacy is not invaded
  • An increased and better battery life
  • A very easy and uncomplicated setup
  • Manage permission requests temporarily

2. Tasker

Just like the name suggests, this paid app is perfect for task managing activities and manages numerous tasks at once. It allows you to have control over almost any setting on your phone. From calendars and alarms to brightness and passwords, Tasker facilitates it all. It even has a record of your call log, call history and allows you to scan any files and documents whenever you want.

It has every imaginable feature that you can think of which will make your life easier and simpler. The automated features of this app allow it to gain access to any applications in your phone so that you can control any settings with just a few taps. It is definitely worth investing your money in as it is highly convenient and provides easy access to any settings in your phone that are otherwise a hassle to get change.


  • Control calendar, alarm, ringtones and reminders
  • Set brightness, passwords and key patterns
  • More than 28 system setting dialogs
  • Scan any files or documents
  • Look up your call log, history and blocked numbers

3. Nova Launcher Prime

This original and useful app is a customizable launcher for Android. It has amazing customizing options and allows you to upgrade your home screen while maintaining a simple and easy to use interface. You can add different gestures to your home screen with the help of this app in order to trigger certain functions.

If you like to keep things set and organized, you can create new files and folders and customize them however you want. Other than this, Nova Launcher Prime has a number of useful and powerful features that will enhance your home screen and are a good option for people of all ages.


  • Various icon themes
  • Night mode and dark theme
  • Vertical or horizontal scroll
  • Create files and folders
  • Backup and restore
  • Create specific gestures to execute certain commands
  • Hide apps without uninstalling them

4. Wolfram Alpha

If you crave knowledge and education, then Wolfram Alpha is the perfect app for you. This best general knowledge app for android contains worldwide information, facts and ideas which are categorized and organized into their respective fields.

There are over a hundred different fields of authentic and useful information in this app. 25 years of research were invested in this app, making it totally worth every single penny that you spend on it. Find data on all topics such as science, mathematics, astronomy, statistics, engineering and more! It is suitable for people of all ages and is available across numerous domains.


  • Information and data about every single field
  • Limitless information
  • Across thousands of domains
  • 25 years of experience
  • Organized information according to topics and fields

5. Netflix

Netflix is the most popular app for streaming any videos, movies and tv shows. It has the widest range of tv shows, movies, reality shows from all over the world. It gives you the option to enable or disable subtitles while streaming.

You can search for your favourite movies or shows with great ease according to genre, title, language and actors. According to your searches and recent watches, Netflix suggests new shows and movies which might suit your preference and taste, so that you do not have to do that yourself.


  • Unlimited collection of movies, tv shows and web series
  • Easily search up your favourite things to watch
  • Find suggestions of different shows that might suit your taste
  • Monthly payment methods
  • Enable or disable subtitles
  • Search with genre, actor, title and language

All these apps are highly recommended and are worth all the money that you spend on them. They are paid apps for a reasonable cause and contain powerful, useful and convenient features which make them stand out. Invest in these amazing premium apps to get the best deal for your money and have the best user experience. We guarantee that these will be the best app purchases that you ever make, so make sure to try them out!

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