15 Best Offline Cricket Games for Android 2021

One of the best forms of relaxation after a busy day of completing schoolwork and house chores is playing games comfortably in your bed. These days, smartphone and android games have become a trend in comparison to board games and card games, especially cricket games for android. Considering the current pandemic situation, and the fact that most people do not have time to go out and play, these games have proved to be the perfect source of entertainment and relaxation.

If you are a cricket lover, you no longer need to stress about not being able to play your favourite game as you can play it in the comfort of your own bed whether you have a stable internet connection or not. All you need is an android, and one of the following best offline cricket games downloaded in it!

Best offline Cricket Games for Android 2021

1. Real Cricket 19

The most popular offline cricket game, Real Cricket 19 will have you hooked to it in no time. Though the controls are a bit difficult to get the hang of, they are no big problem to real cricket fans who love playing the game. It has 8 different international teams for you to choose from and 6 unique venues. There are numerous different play modes like T20 and ODI. Whenever you score six points, or hit a wicket, cheerleaders start dancing on the side to celebrate your victory. Download this best offline cricket game for android and have fun playing it as much as you want!

2. World Cricket Championship 2 (WCC2)

WCC2 is one of the best cricket offline game which is loved by all cricket fans. It has stunning realistic 3D graphics and has over 5 million downloads which proves just how popular it is. It allows you to choose from 18 international teams and an additional 10 domestic teams. It has real time visual angles so that you can have the most realistic experience while playing your favourite cricket offline game on Android. There are 11 different tournaments in World Cricket Championship 2, which include World Cup, T20, Blitz and ODI. You can choose your own favourite players when playing this game, along with type of grass, field, weather etc.

3. Beach Cricket

This best offline cricket game for android allows you to have a real-time experience in the comfort of your bed. It follows all the real rules and regulations of cricket. There are also live commentaries in both Hindi and English while you play the game, along with accurate reactions and emotions of all the players as they win or lose. Beach Cricket has really checked all the points when it comes to being the best offline cricket game for Android and is a must-have if you are someone who enjoys watching or playing cricket.

4. Cricket T20 fever 3D

This game is specifically for the T20 Series, hence the name. It is a stunning 3D graphics game which has a realistic touch to it to make you feel like you are competing in real life international tournaments. It allows you to play in tournaments, T20, or ODI format. You can place your fielders wherever you want in Cricket T20 fever 3D and really put your strategic cricket skills to the test. Once you get the hang of this best cricket offline game, you will find it hard to stop yourself from playing it again and again!

5. Stick Cricket Super League

This game has hilarious graphics that keep you engrossed when playing the game. You have the left and right controls in this game which you can adjust according to how to ball is moving towards you. It has a simple user interface and is fast-paced so that you can play it whether you are a cricket fan or not. Create you own personalized character if the default ones do not suit your taste. Score as many runs as you can in order to win the game and get the chance to play with the best cricket team players.

6. Epic Cricket

The best cricket simulator game, Epic Cricket gives you the complete cricket experience. It has amazing 3D visuals in HD quality and has live commentary, adding to the realistic feel of the game. You can choose from any of the international cricket players who have a real-life touch to them. The one feature that makes this game truly “epic” is that it has modern batting and bowling styles so that true cricket fans can fully enjoy themselves and get the best cricket experience when playing this game.

7. Cricket Worldcup Fever

The world cup is the most important event in the world of cricket. This high energy game allows cricket lovers to play a realistic world cup match on their phones and does not even require an internet connection. It follows all the rules and regulations of any international cricket games and allows you to select your favourite cricket team. It has four interesting and exciting gaming modes: Quick Match, Power Play, World Cup and Pass N Play – all of which will keep you hooked to the game. It has amazing and stunning graphics along with suitable background music to make you enjoy the game even more!

8. World Cricket Championship LT

Almost every cricket lover has this game downloaded in their phones, and play it whenever they are bored or missing their favourite sport. The high quality graphics of this game will have your hands stuck to your phone and you will find yourself unable to stop playing it. Create the perfect cricket team with your friends and test the impressive and unique skills of all the cricket players. Challenge your friends to play with you in multiplayer mode and find out once and for all who the best cricket player is!

9. World Cricket Battle

This highly advanced offline cricket game makes you feel like you are actually playing a real-life cricket game. The players in this game have a real-life touch to them and all the authentic rules and regulations of cricket are followed. Participate in tournaments and play in the different modes of World Cricket Battle to have a fun gaming experience. You can also view the game highlights of your match after you have won to see how talented you are at this game. Challenge your opponents and take part in weekly league events to enhance your cricket gaming skills and enjoy playing this game!

10. Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

Sachin Saga Cricket Champions has very interesting, animated characters along with stunning graphics to keep your interest peeked. Play in the various gaming modes such as Legend, PVP and ashes and find out for yourself just how amazing this game is. You can choose from the various shot styles and be amazed at how well you can play in this game. Compete with other players online and earn points every time you win a match. There are also weekly challenges which can earn you special rewards so make sure to download this best cricket offline game for android.

11. Doodle Cricket

Doodle Cricket was inspired by Google Doodle Hidden Cricket game. It has a very simple and easy gameplay so that anyone can play it in their free time. All you have to do is tap one button at the perfect timing in order to hit the ball and score. There is only one wicket so play very carefully and aim precisely. This game is perfect for small children and if you have an old or out-dated phone. Download this fun and easy offline cricket game and play it on your phone whenever you want.

12. MS Dhoni – World Cricket Bash

The name of this game is firstly what enables most cricket fans to download it in their phones and give it a try. It is based on the movie “Dhoni: the untold story” so this game holds a special place in the hearts of cricket fans. You can be a wicket-keeper or a fielder manually when playing this game. It has simple control options and an easy gameplay so that you can get the hang of it instantly. There are numerous gaming modes such as champion, story, challenges, wicket-keeper etc. This popular game is a must-have if you are a real cricket fan and you can get to play sa the world famous player – MS Dhoni!

13. World of Cricket

A game with stunning 3D graphics, World of Cricket has numerous interesting features that place it in the category of best cricket offline game. It has a real-life gameplay which is extremely easy to get the hang of. You can very easily hit fours and sixes and get the best reaction from the audience in the stadium. There is also live commentary as you play the game, which can be set in many different languages. Join any of the 16 international teams and use the 25 special shots as a batsman to win the match and get the best cricket experience on your phone!

14. Cricket Black

One of the most useful features of this game is that it takes up very less space on your phone, but that does not mean that it is a mediocre game. Cricket Black allows you to make high scores and play with real-time live charts worldwide. You can choose any players to compete against, whether it is a friend or any computer player. This game is perfect for you if you have a phone with less storage.

15. ICC Pro Cricket

This amazing cricket game has over 5 million downloads which proves how amazing it is. It has real simulation and card management along with other marvelous features that make it so
There are three easy gaming modes in ICC Pro such as Worldcup tournament, World tour mode and quick match mode, all of which are extremely interesting and fun to play. It has all 14 teams with real-life players and allows you to have a realistic cricket gaming experience on your phone.


These best offline cricket games for android are a must-have whether you are a cricket fan or not. They are extremely interesting and are the perfect way to spend time if you are bored and do not have a stable internet connection.

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