5 Best Sleep Tracking Apps for Android

The most important thing to lead a relaxed and healthy lifestyle is to have a good sleep schedule. Thanks to the sleep tracking technology, you can now ensure that you have a good sleep pattern and be able to sleep better simply by downloading one of these extremely helpful and reliable apps. To make this task easier for you, we have compiled the 5 best sleep tracking apps for android which are easy to operate and have proven to give effective results.

1. Sleep Genius

This sleep tracking app is said to be the most advanced one that has ever been developed and is recommended by scientists from the world-famous NASA. Not only does it keep track of your sleep pattern, but it also helps you have a good, relaxing sleep. It has many useful customization options which include cycle alarms, power naps, and other relaxation programs. Fun fact – this app was initially developed for astronauts to help them sleep, but we all can benefit from it!

2. Sleep Cycle

Not only does this best-selling product record how much time you are spending in bed, but it also keeps track of your sleep quality – when you are in deep sleep, your lightest sleep duration, the average time when you wake up – you name it! It collects all the data from your sleeping pattern and schedules and keeps a record of your monthly and weekly sleep patterns. Thanks to some upgrades, this app can now detect snoring as well! It is great for health monitoring purposes and is highly recommended by experts.

Sleep Cycle

3. Sleep Score

Years of scientific research has gone into the development of this app. This app, based on six sleeping parameters, can detect if 2 or more people are sleeping in one bad and makes sure that your sleeping pattern is being tracked accurately. An advanced feature enables this app to inspect lights and sounds in the room for better analysis and suggest ways to improve your sleep.

Sleep Score

4. Sleep as Android

This app is among the original ones which are available by default on your phones. It has had a lot of time to go through numerous updates and is now, one of the best apps of its kind. It also supports Android wear and Galaxy Gear devices. It plays soft music to help you sleep, and also has a built-in alarm clock which can only be dismissed if you solve a problem, ensuring that you have fully woken up.

Sleep as Android

5. Sleep Bot

This bot has very high ratings and helps you sleep better by playing relaxing music. It has a smart alarm clock which goes off in the morning in your lightest sleep phase. By observing your behaviour and movements with the help of AI technology, this app can alter your alarms to suit your sleeping pattern. Another exciting feature of this bot is that it plays some soft music 30 minutes before your alarm rings so that you wake up fresh and relaxed.

Final Verdict

These sleep tracking apps will effectively improve your sleep pattern and schedule while also helping you to sleep better. They will promote a healthy lifestyle for you and allow you to become generally more relaxed. We guarantee that you will see effective results in just a few days’ time, so do not hesitate to download one of the best sleep tracking apps!

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