5 Best Apps to Change Text Messege Backgroung

Default messaging applications can be a bit dull and lackluster. If you want to personalize your phone down to the very last detail so that it is an embodiment of your personality, you will have to add extra features to it. In order to change text message backgrounds in Android, there are many apps available which can help you customize your phone and add some fun and exciting features to it to make it livelier. Download these apps and smile every time you open your phone and send a message!

1. Go Keyboard Pro

With the help of this app, you can choose any picture to be your text message background. It can either be a specific colour, unique designs, or your own photograph! However, this best messaging app’s services do not stop here – it has a two-windowed interface in which one window contains the message chains and the other has the contacts where you can edit the name and avatar of a specific number.

It also has a small settings icon where you can activate night mode, enable or disable notifications, select an emoji style. This app is a must-download and is highly recommended with its amazing features.

Go Keyboard Pro

2. Textra

Personalize your phone’s design to your preference and style. Using this app, you can change the color, themes, and text style of your phone, and make suitable changes to match your personality. Select your favorite picture from your gallery and set it as your text message background. This app also stores your call log information, like outgoing, incoming, and missed calls, and even allows you to save the contact information.


3. Color SMS

The Color SMS – Send Text Messages, Fun for iMessage is a very useful and convenient application which allows you to customize your phone to perfection. Choose your favorite themes, colors, and designs from settings and select any picture from your phone’s gallery as the background of your text messages.

You can even create and customize your own avatar while also making one for specific contacts in your phone! This app also has a built-in both which answers all your questions accurately.

Color SMS

4. Mood Messenger

This app allows you to select different pictures as the background of different text dialogues. To use this app, you need to first register your contact number after which a call will be sent to the number that you have entered. It is a very convenient app with several features that make it unique and useful. You can choose the theme and colour of your text dialogues, and also change the font, size and colour of the text, itself.

Mood Messenger

5. Chomp SMS

This app has a communication platform of its own and is very interactive and useful. For each contact saved in your phone, a dialog box is created so that you can chat with whoever you like. You can enable dark mode, create groups, and respond to messages quicker than ever. Customize your chat settings and change the colour, theme, and background according to your preference. Enjoy personalizing your text dialogs and have fun using this app!

Chomp SMS

Final Verdict

These best text message apps are the perfect options for you if you are looking to customizing your text dialogs. Make sure to download them and have fun personalizing your phone!

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