5 Apps for Android Phone Safety

Recently, a study showed that around 87% of all Android devices are not secured. As dangerous as this may sound, this fact should not come as a shock to anyone since it is globally known that the Internet is not a safe place. It is very important to always keep your guard up and make sure that your information is safe, and not being leaked. The only way to ensure that your device is not vulnerable against dangerous and harmful website is to have a strong and reliable security app. For this reason, we have compiled the top 5 security apps that will help you keep your android safe.

1. Avast Mobile Security

Avast is probably the most famous and effective security apps. Available for both PC and Android, this app keeps your device secure from emails, websites, text messages, and even phone calls. It accurately alerts you when any infected or dangerous files are downloaded and removes them for you. It has a 99.9% malware detection rate and is one of the most trusted security apps.

Avast Mobile Security App


This app safeguards your device from 20,000+ known malware or viruses. It has an updated Malware Scanner which automatically scans each app after it is installed and alerts you if danger is lurking. It has an Anti-Theft feature which protects the information in your Android from other devices connected to it and even allows you to check whether your information is safe or not. VIPRE also snaps a photo if it detects someone meddling with your phone, so it is an extremely useful and safe app for your Android.

VIPRE Antivirus Android App

3. Safe Security

Not only does this app protect your device, but it also helps keep it clean and work faster. It has some very exciting and useful features – instant selfie-click of someone meddling with your phone, hiding unwanted notifications, password-protection for apps of your choice, and automatic scan of installed apps. With incredibly high ratings, this app is trusted by millions of smartphone users, so do not be afraid to give it a try and keep your information safe!

Safe Security Android Phone App

4. Sophos

Sophos is one of the best Antivirus apps for your Android for free. It has a ton of useful features like virus scanning, loss and theft protection with the access of a remote, web-filtering and spam blocking. Surf the web without fearing the threat of a harmful virus infecting your Android because the protection services of Sophos are extremely accurate and reliable.

SOPHOS Android Phone Safety App

5. Signal Messenger

This app provides extra protection to SMS text messages. Unlike almost all other protection apps, Signal Messenger works even if one of the users is using it. Developed by Open Whisper System, this app is open source and has an end-to-end encryption, which means that it does not store any of your information. It is one of the best apps that are available for protection and has very high ratings.

Signal Messenger Android Safety App


The biggest concerns amongst all internet users has always been the security of their information. It is true that your information can be very vulnerable against harmful files, but if you download any of the above listed apps, you will have maximum protection and will never need to worry about the safety of your Android device again.

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