4 Simple Ways to Automate Tasks on IOS

Doing several tasks on your iOS using different apps can be extremely draining and time-consuming. It would be highly convenient if you automate these tasks and save up your time and energy. You can do all this with the help of a few apps, for example, Shortcuts, Workflow, Editorial and Drafts. These apps are specifically designed for Apple and help you do several tasks at once. Daily tasks like checking the news, texting someone, checking the time or scheduling something can now be done with just a few taps!

Simple Ways to automate tasks on IOS

1. Shortcuts App

The Shortcuts app allows you to create personalized sequences which perform multiple tasks at once when tapped. You can save precious time with the help of this app and get your tasks done efficiently. To create your own Shortcuts, follow these steps.

  • Click on “Create Shortcut” in the Shortcuts app
  • First select the actions which you want to get done. These can include scheduling an event on your calendar, emailing someone, playing music and selecting photos
  • Now, add all these actions into one Shortcut as you desire. You can create multiple Shortcuts for different types of tasks
  • There are also pre-made shortcuts in the Gallery. Choose whichever Shortcut suits your preference, customize it however you want and then add it to your list of Shortcuts
  • To make things easier for yourself, you can sync your shortcuts to Siri by clicking “Add to Siri” in the Settings.
  • To run the shortcut, tap on it from where you saved it in your phone (the Gallery or the Home screen), or ask Siri to run it for you by saying the name of the Shortcut. The Shortcut will be run and all your tasks will be performed in no time

2. Workflow App

The Workflow app of Apple is available for free in the app store. It allows you to group together different actions so that they can be done at once, with a single tap, saving you valuable time. Task automation is made extremely easy thanks to this productivity app. Read on to find out how Workflow works:

  • When you open the app, there are two tabs at the top: “Gallery” and “My Workflows”
  • The Gallery has existing Workflows which you can edit and customize to suit your needs. You can also create your own Workflow from scratch
  • Select the tasks which you would like to automate, for example, taking a photo, making a phone call, generate a GIF and search for a PDF from your Dropbox folder
  • Save your Workflow. You can find it in the “My Workflows” tab
  • Whenever you want a workflow to run, you can tap on it from where it is saved and it will immediately perform all the listed actions 

3. IFTTT (If This Then That) App

This productivity app allows you to create If-Then statements which perform tasks in specific apps for you. This is extremely convenient and saves you from performing a sequence of tasks again and again by doing them for you. The IF-Then statements are very easy and simple to create and do not require high-level coding skills. Here’s how to use this app:

  • First log in all your connected social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Gmail etc
  • Create “Applets” where if an action is done on one of the connected services, it triggers a specific action to occur in another connected service.
  • For example:
    “IF I am tagged in an Instagram post, THEN upload that photo to Facebook”
  • You can choose any combination of tasks which get triggered by any actions. Play around with the app and create random combinations of tasks which can also entertain you if you are bored

4. Drafts App

Drafts is the best text application that helps you remember important things, schedule important events and automate several tasks in order to save time. It increases your productivity and allows you to sync notes between different devices. It has amazing powerful features and has proved to be a very useful app for iOS.

As soon as you open the app, a blank page comes up for you to write your notes in instantly. After typing in something, swipe to the left so that you can tell the Actions tray to run any tasks that you want. You can create your own Actions tray or use one of the existing ones in the app. Here are some of the extremely useful features of the Drafts app:

  • Tags and Filters:

    This feature helps you store your drafts in the app. You can select different tags for a draft you are currently working on by tapping the tag icon at the top.

  • Workspace:

    Once you have tagged your drafts, you can filter them out using the Workspace feature. If you want to group together notes based on tags, you can create a Workspace in the Drafts app.

  • Increase your Productivity:

    Create a list of tasks which you want to automate in the Actions tray, or select any of the pre-made ones in the app. Tap on an Action to run it and have your tasks completed instantly!


All these apps are extremely useful additions to your iOS device and will change your life for the better! They will increase your productivity and save valuable time by doing multiple tasks at once with the single tap of a button. You may have to put in a little work in the beginning, but it will be extremely worth it in the long run as you will never have to waste time on doing daily tasks as they will automatically be done for you! Try out these amazing task automation apps for iOS and tell us which one works best for you!

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